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Your Floors are Made For Walking

So, as you might expect, they’re bound to get dirty! Luckily for luxury vinyl owners, not only are these floors both affordable & beautiful, they’re also very easy to maintain!

Many of the luxury vinyl products we carry at Noble Floors are 100% waterproof, making them adept for bathrooms & kitchens, but also for just about any room in the home. Even if your floors are waterproof, be sure to wipe away liquid spills as they happen to prevent potential damage from standing water.

Surefire Cleaning Tips for Vinyl Floors

Frequent care and maintenance of your luxury vinyl tiles and planks can easily be built into your existing home cleaning routine. Below are a few tips from our experts:

  • Sweep, dust or vacuum at least weekly. If you’re able to do so more frequently, we highly recommend it! If you opt to vacuum, be sure to detach your machine’s beater bar if it has one.
  • Any heavy furniture should be placed on protective mats to avoid scratching or denting.
  • Place doormats or area rugs at your home’s entrances to catch dirt that would otherwise get tracked onto your floors from the bottoms of shoes. Dirt & debris can get ground into your floors by foot traffic, causing small amounts of wear that will build & show over time.
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