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Tile flooring is always on trend. Popular for its elegance and utility throughout the home, decorating not only kitchens & bathrooms but entryways, bedrooms, mudrooms, basements, outdoor areas, offices, and commercial spaces.

Ceramic & porcelain tile are molded from natural clay, painted or glazed to create practically any color or pattern you can imagine.

Non-porcelain ceramic tile is made from a combination of white, red and brown clay, sometimes mixed with other minerals and pressed under extreme heat & pressure. Porcelain tile contains up to 50% feldspar, a type of crystal which, when heated & pressurized, forms a glasslike material, giving porcelain extreme hardness & durability.

Glazed tile is fired a second time to give the clay a glassy coating & color variations on the surface, plus increased resistance to stains, scratches & moisture.

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Where can I install tile?

Tile is versatile & suited to many areas of the home. Commonly found on both the walls & floors of both kitchens and bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, & outdoor living spaces. The material does matter. Porous natural stone like limestone doesn’t work well for bathroom or kitchen application where liquid spills are common, but a glazed tile would work well.

Tile can be applied to outdoor areas & open-air environments, but you should avoid porous materials & apply treatment to potentially slippery surfaces.

Tile can also be used decoratively. Walls, backsplashes & glass tile are all popular as accents. Learn more about the versatility of tile when you chat with the experts here at Noble Floors LLC, either in-store, by phone or through our contact forms online. We’re here to help; come and visit today!

Natural Stone Tile

Natural stone tile is produced from minerals including granite, marble, limestone, travertine, onyx, slate and sandstone.

  • Granite: Dense volcanic rock with distinctive speckles. Impervious to scratching & excellent for high-traffic areas such as kitchens. Variations of granite offer unique colors & patterns.
  • Marble: Metamorphic stone known for its elegance. On the porous side, so recommended for decorative use rather than performance.
  • Limestone: Sedimentary rock with an earthy look. Less dense than other stone & more susceptible to damage, but porous & able to be stained a variety of colors.
  • Slate: Incredibly dense, incredibly durable option that comes in many darker tones. An excellent choice for high-traffic areas.
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