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A Busy Household is Hard on Any Floor

Laminate floors are built for busy lifestyles and active families. Many products include waterproof finishes and wear-resistant surfaces to make care easy. But no matter how easy, a regular cleaning routine is necessary! We’ve assembled some helpful tips to get you started.

Before you do anything else however, consult the product guidelines provided by your laminate manufacturer. Every floor is a little different, meaning there’s no one size fits all cleaning product or technique. Your manufacturer knows what’s best for your floors, and you’ll only be able to maintain your warranty with proper care.

The Best Tips to Take on Dirt

Our Noble Floors experts recommend the following care & maintenance routine for your new laminate floors.

  • Sweep, dry mop or vacuum your laminate daily.
  • Use only hard surface vacuum attachments.
  • Wipe up common spills with a clean cloth, lightly dampened if needed.
  • Blot up spills quickly to prevent warping.
  • Don’t use water or soaps to mop your laminate.
  • Don’t use abrasives like ammonia or steel wool.
  • Don’t buff, wax or polish your laminate.

For preventative maintenance:

  • Catch soil from outside with entryway doormats.
  • Protect your floors from denting by heavy appliances by placing floor mats underneath.
  • Use wide dollies whenever you need to move furniture across the floor.
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