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Preventative Maintenance
& Regular Cleaning

It’s not hard to take care of carpeting. Follow a few simple steps on a routine basis to ensure that your carpet continues to look as beautiful and perform as well as it did on the day you had it installed. The experts here at Noble Floors LLC have put together this guide to help you establish a routine and deal properly with inevitable stains & spills.

Dirt gets ground into carpet by foot traffic, fraying & wearing fibers over time. Protect your carpet starting at the entrances of your home with door mats that catch dirt & other debris. Place shoe racks or mats near entrances to encourage family & guests to remove their shoes.

For routine carpet care, purchase a quality vacuum cleaner to pick up dirt embedded in your carpet’s fibers. Vacuum often, at least once per week, if not more. You can even purchase an unattended robotic vacuum to work for you while you sleep!

Treating Stains & Spills

Your carpet may come equipped with stain-resistant fibers or treatments, but know that no carpet is absolutely stain-proof.

Clean spills as soon as they happen, soaking up liquids with a clean, lightly damp cloth. Never scrub spills – simply use the cloth to blot the spill until it’s been lifted.

Many stains are soil-based, even spills from liquids. For example, a sugar-based spill from a soft drink or coffee can leave residue after the initial liquid spill has been soaked up. Sticky sugar attracts dirt & other soils to create discoloration. To prevent these stains from occurring, rinse thoroughly with clean water. You shouldn't use detergent, but tougher stains may require a treatment. Talk to your Noble Floors representative for recommendations when you need carpet cleaning supplies. We offer several products catered to specific styles we sell.

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