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Welcome to Noble Floors LLC! We’re proud to offer our customers online access to more than 100,000 different area rug styles from the industry’s hottest names. Browse rugs by color, style, shape, size, brand & more, then have your selections shipped directly to your door free of charge. We offer discounted rates that you won’t find elsewhere, with most rugs available for up to 50% off.

Choose from trusted brands like Karastan, Nourison, Oriental Weavers, Milliken Sports, Liora Manne & more. Whether you’re looking for a new focal point for your living room or you just need a new neutral base upon which to establish the rest of your design, finding the right area rug is a great place to start. Rugs can be layered over new hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl or carpeting, and are actually the perfect way to protect these surfaces.

What are rug pads?

One of the best ways to protect your rug and your floors simultaneously is with the right area rug pad. Designed to provide stability & safety while enhancing the cushion in your rug, good padding will help preserve a rug’s value & appearance.

Choosing the right area rug

When you’re selecting an area rug, don’t just look at the patterns. Check the product description for information about the rug’s construction. Area rugs can be made of both natural & artificial fibers, each of which offers unique characteristics & benefits. You’ll find rugs made of polyester, silk, triexta, wool, leather, jute, polypropylene and more.

You also need to consider in advance where the rug will be placed in your home. How much traffic will it be exposed to? Do you have kids or pets? The answers to these questions will help you decide whether you need something practical & durable or if you can afford to use something more elegant & ornamental.

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