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The economic cost, the durability, and the rugged, wool-like look are reasons Berber carpet is so popular. Berber is the term used for high-level loop carpet. The tight yarn loop weave stands upright and has a nubby texture. The looped weave of Berber carpet helps hide vacuum marks and footprints. Berber carpet is easier to clean than plush or cut-pile carpet. Those versions have cut loops that are exposed and accumulate dirt. Berber carpet comes in a variety of styles, quality, and performance variations.
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Carpet Fibers

Carpet fibers included in the Berber carpet style are the economic options of petro plastic and Olefin; polyester; nylon; and high-end wool. At first, Berber carpet was constructed either of wool or nylon fiber. Synthetics, that are stain resistant and have an increased lifespan and quality, have now become popular. These fibers are not flawless. Over time, they tend to crush and slowly turn gray. When choosing a Berber carpet push for high-density construction and a crushing warranty. Consider the more expensive nylon or wool.

Carpet Colors

Beige was the only color available when Berber carpet first hit the market. Stain-resistant carpet fiber no longer limits the interior design choices, because Berber carpet can be cleaned. Cleaning is not a problem. However, seepage of liquid spills, that cause accumulation below the carpet, can be problematic.

During evaporation, liquid works its way slowly through the carpet. It causes graying or discoloration that is undesirable in Berber carpet. Cleaning stain-resistant carpet requires the same diligence needed for traditional carpet. Stain-resistance does extend the lifespan of a carpet. It does not however, eliminate the need to clean. Berber carpet must be both clean and dry. It is useless to have one and not the other.

Other carpet elements

The color is not the only style option for Berber carpet. The loops are cut in various patterns, styles, and sizes. Subtle patterns fit any home design. This tightly looped carpet has an appearance that creates a comfortable, warm atmosphere in any room.

Installing Berber carpet can be tricky. The subtle patterns can cause difficulty in making the seams invisible. Homeowners, who attempt to install Berber carpet on their own, should purchase at least ten percent more than measured to accommodate matching the seams. It is best to hire installers from Noble Floors who have experience installing Berber carpet.
Customers from Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler and Mesa, AZ have found enlisting Noble Floors to install carpet is a wise move. Noble Floors has a fine selection of Berber, as well as, cut-pile carpet. Visit their carpet showroom in Mesa.
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